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Recent Updates:


In Rusty Bucket Bay, go in the room where there are bunk beds. Back flap onto the one on the left on the left. Do C^. You should see Berry. Conker's girlfriend.
In Bubblegloop Swamp, Inside Tanktup is Tiptup from Diddy Kong Racing! You'll play a mini game with him to get a Jiggy.
In Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo's a playable character!
In one of the early versions of BK, DK was on this screen instead of Tooty.
When you first start the game of DK64, you should see BK's heads in DK's shower in the Japenesse version.
In Conker's Bad Fur day, both Banjo and Kazooie made appearances. Banjo was a stuffed head...
...Kazooie was on an umbrella.

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