You go deeper into my lair still; the worlds with more enemies I will have to fill.
In Clanker's Cavern lobby area, you need to break bust three switches in order to open the underwater grate. Swim through and fill in the puzzle. Go to the 180 note door, past it take a left up the grassy hill. Make your way along the boardwalk making sure not to fall into the water.
Good thing my piranhas don't each have a nose, because they'll take a bit out of your big, stinky toes!

Wadding BootsFind Bottle's molehill to the left of the starting area.Walk into the boots
45 Seconds - Stop the jiggy switch and race to the jiggy.
Break the egg - find the big blue egg, and attack the red X using the appropriate move.
Flibbit - In the central platform, yellow frogs will attack you. Kill them all.
Huts Strike Back - break all the huts near the shock spring pads.
A-mazing - Go through the maze next to Mumbo's hut. Stop the jiggy switch, and slowly make your way to the jiggy. You will need to jump when you get close to make it on time.
Vile - Turn into a croc via Mumbo. Crawl into the big crocodile's nostril. Beat Mr. Vile three times for a jiggy.
Golden moments - shoot the mouths of five golden crocodiles will eggs.
Coldness - pound all of Tanktup, the big turtle's feet.
Chorus - Go inside Tanktup's mouth. Repeat the music Tiptup plays three times.
Jinjos - One is on top of the pole near Mumbo's hut. One is in a cave above the swamp. One is against the wall behind Tanktup (use the gator). One is in the swamp below the huts (use the gator). The other is in the entrance area, on a platform next to the bridge.

5 - on bridge
15 - on five floating logs (20)
20 - on aerial walkway (40)
5 - from smashed hut (45)
5 - on top of crocodile (50)
4 - on turtle's feet (54)
6 - inside turtle (60)
12 - in maze (72)
6 - inside crocodile (78) *
19 - in various parts of the swamp (97) *
3 - on top of bulrush (100)
(* collect as crocodile)

Extra lives
One's in the swamp under the huts
One's near the egg you had to smash

Extra Honey comb pieces
#1: Above Tiptup's conducting stand.
#2: Inside Mumbo's hut.

Witch Switch
The witch switch is near the huts. When you go up to the next level in Grunty's lair, there will be a big vase and two doors blocked with bricks. Break the doors. One has a shock spring pad switch. Pound the switch, use the pad it creates to jump into the vase.

Fun Things
Vengence of a Gator - Press A to attack with the gator, you get double honey combs for killing a fly like this.

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