Good job! You've reached the final, most challenging level. This level will test your skill, but isn't as hard as Rusty Bucket Bay.
Through summer and spring and winter and fall, you'll explore this world through four seasons in all. The trees will grow lose their leaves, freeze then grow again. All the while you'll be as stupid as forever you've been. You can become a bee, you big, chubby brat. But don't you know, Banjo, stripes make you look fat?
To get to Click Clock Woods, go through the 640 note door. Climb the giant semi-tree and find a jigsaw switch. Pound it. Make your way back to the room with the river (by Treasure Trove Cove). Dive into the pool and complete the puzzle. Once again make your way back the the forest room, and you'll be at Click Clock Woods.
Top 'o The Tree - Climb to the top of the tree as Banjo in spring. Break open the door.
Bee's Buzz - fly to the topmost branch as a bee (via Mumbo) in spring.
Pound the Summer Switch - And go into the summer. Climb to the bee's nest, break the top and kill them all with gold feathers or the rat-a-tat-rap.
Leafy - Jump from the giant leaves in the summer all the way up to the jiggy.
Club Fallapart - Go to the club house in summer, carefully jump from plank to plank.
Pound The Fall Switch - In the spring: pound the boulder blocking gnaughty's house. In the fall: swim up into gnaughty's house.
Blooming - In the spring, lay some eggs into the hole in the garden by the bull. In the summer pound Gobi's back to water it. In the fall, pound Gobi's back to water the flowers, climb to the bee's nest and jump to the petals.
Nabnut - find the six acorns. One's in his house, Two are on the circular boardwalk, two are on walkways branching off of the circular deck. One's in the attic- climb the spiral ramp and break the window.
Eyrie - in the spring, pound the egg in the nest to hatch Eyrie. In the summer, find five worms and feed them to Eyrie. Repeat with 10 worms in the fall. In winter, go visit Eyrie's nest to claim your prize.
Jinjos - Blue jinjo's on top of Mumbo's hut in the winter. Green's in a venus fly trap high on a branch in the tree in spring (use the bee). The orange jinjo's on a pile of leaves by the flower in fall. The pink jinjo's in the bee hive in spring (use the bee). The yellow jinjo's in the grass to the left of summer's entrance.

4 - outside Spring
4 - round the field (8)
12 - on the roots (20)
2 - entrance to Gnawty's cave (22)
2 - on the lower leaves (24)
3 - on the branch to wasps nest (27)
4 - tree house (31)
5 - ledge outside Nabnut's house (36)
5 - at the back of the field (41)
4 - Mumbo's (45)
6 - on the flowers (51)
16 - round the tree (67)
4 - in the wasps nest (71)
3 - in Nabnut's house (74)
8 - round Eyrie's nest (82)
2 - in Gnawty's cave (84)
4 - on ledges above Eyrie's nest (88)
4 - round a snowman (92)
4 - on the branches round a snowman (96)
4 - on roof of the tree house (100) *
(* very difficult to collect - make sure you have lots of feathers)

Extra lives
Two are behind the door at the top of the tree in Spring.
One's on the tree stump in spring.
One's on the nest in spring. Two are on the walkways around the tree in summer.
One's in the treehouse in summer.
One's behind the door at the top of the tree in fall.
One's inside Gnaughty's house in fall.
One's under the water in winter.
One's under a beak bombable snowman in winter.

Extra Honey comb pieces
Both are in Winter
#1: Fly, and beak bomb the window directly above the squirl's door.
#2: Find the hole in the ice and quickly swim into Gnaughty's house.

Witch Switch
Beak bomb the snowman sitting on a ledge near the series of wooden walkways, and the switch is right behind him. Go outside as a bee and fly to the 100th and final jiggy of the game!

Valuable Tip
You can't take the bee anywhere besides spring in Click Clock woods.

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