You've beat thw witch in her own little game, but it's not time to party yet, Banjo. Get back into Grunty's lair and find out where she's hiding. Go up that stair well, grab the extra life. You'll need 25 jiggies to fill in the final puzzle. Go past the four final note doors to fill up your eggs, feathers, and fill in a puzzle with four jiggies to double your honeycomb energy.
Don't worry, you won't win, because I'm up here and you're down there. If you do somehow make it up, I'll be sure that you're hide I'll tear.
Be brave Banjo. Jump into Dingpot. He's your only hope. Banjo, don't let us down. Come back when the witch is dead.
So, you're back for more I see. This is how the final battle will be!

Round One
Grunty, as with all bosses on the Nintendo 64 platformers, moves in predictable patterns, with an attack time, and an attackable time. At first, Grunty swoops down on her broom stick 3 times, and then stops, with the "engine" of the stick putters. Run up and rat-a-tat-rap her in the backside. Repeat three times. If you have plenty of eggs, you can fire them to score multiple hits in one pattern repeat. Grunty will drop a honeycomb. Save it for later if you don't need it. It won't disappear

Round Two
Now Grunty will sweep out and start throwing fire at you. When she pauses, fire back with your eggs. Score four hits to make her squeal. Repeat that three more times.

Round Three
After your fourth attack on her, Grunty will sweep up into the air, flyng around. Bear see, bear do. A flight pad appears. You know the drill. Get into the sky, Grunty will pause and throw a fireball at you after a while. Dodge the spell and beak bomb her. Repeat 3 times.

Round Four
So what are those little Grubby Jinjos good for anyway? Well, after hitting her four times in the air, she puts up a sheild. Go figure. So, you must land safely, and fire three eggs into the four statues that appear. Quite simple. Don't worry about Grunty's attacks, just get around to those statues.

Round Five
The final round is by far the hardest. A huge statue appears. Turn on the wonder wing and position yourself in front of a hole. Wait for a big green blast to hit you. Turn off the wonder wing and in the brief break fire four eggs into the hole. Turn on the wonder wing and position yourself in front of the next hole. Repeat until all the holes are finished.

The End?
The Jinjonator will activate throwing Grunty off the edge of the building, bringing rocks on top of her, and will bury her under a huge boulder. But it's not over yet.

It's Not Over Yet?

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