Though the weather outside is frightful, I know you will enter just to be spiteful.
From behind Bubble Gloop Swamp's entrance, use the wadding boots to run back into the tunnel and fill out the puzzle for Freezeezy Peak. Make your way back into the room with the big statue of Gruty, and go past the 260 note door. In that room, go up the stairs to the left and then take the runnel to the right, into Freezeezy Peak's entrance.
If you do catch a cold, then here's the scoop: turn that red, sassy bird into hot chicken soup!

Beak BombFind Bottle's molehill near the pile of presents.Press B while flying
Snowman's Pipe - Climb the snowman's scarf and jump into his pipe.
Sledding Part 1 - at the top of the scarf, jump on the sled.
Bombing Buttons - learn the beak bomb. Use it to hit all the snowman's buttons.
Bombing Hats - beak bomb all the red X's on the snowmen's hats (the small ones that throw snowballs at you).
Sledding Part 2 - Turn into a Walrus via Mumbo, and find Boggy and race him.
Friends - Transformed, talk to the walrus.
Pretty Lights - stomp the present on the ramp by the tree, and as the lights come by, stomp the heads of the Twinklie Munchers. When ten twinklies get to the tree, go around back, shoot the switch that says on. Run to the flight pad. Fly through the star atop the tree three times. Go inside the tree and climb to the top.
Presents - find three presents, one inside the tree, the snowman's nose, and on a small island. Take the presents to the igloo near the start pad.
Sledding part 3 - After learning the Running Shoes in Gobi's Valley, come back and race Boggy a final time.
Jinjos - One is on top of the snowman's broom. One is behind a cottage near the shore. One is inside the walrus' cave. One is on top of the tallest gift by the flight pad. The other is in Mumbo's Hut.

9 - entrance path
5 - on ground behind Christmas tree (14)
12 - inside Christmas tree (26)
4 - on pile of presents (30)
4 - around base of small snowman (34)
4 - outside walrus's cave (38)
15 - Snowman's scarf (53)
4 - Snowman's neck (57)
8 - top of Snowman's hat (65)
10 - base of Snowman's legs (75)
4 - start of sled race (79)
6 - top of houses (85)
6 - Mumbo's (91)
9 - pool outside Mumbo's (100) *
(* collect as walrus)

Extra lives
One's inside Wozza's cave.
One's behind Mumbo's Hut.

Extra Honey comb pieces
#1: As a walrus, go into Wozza's cave, and go into the small tunnel in the back.
#2: One's under a snowman, beakbomb it's hat to get it.

Witch Switch
The witch switch is on an island near the tree. Once you have the running shoes, jump up the Freezeezy entrance, pound the flight pad switch, use the running shoes to run to the pad, and fly to the jiggy atop the Freezeezy entrance.

Fun Things
Water Shield - The walrus can walk under water, and the snowmen's snowballs can't hit him.

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