You've come too far, what to do? My baddies will be tougher now just for you.
Go into the 350 note door, behind which is the Gobi's Valley Puzzle. Make your way back into the room where the vase is. Go up the stair case leading to a tree surrounded by sand. Jump as far as you can, you'll get bit at least once, but never fear, I'm right by the tree to heal you.
While you're sweating it out in the hot desert sun, Tooty will be with me, with nowhere to run.

Running ShoesFind Bottle's molehill on the ridge by JinxyWalk into the shoes
Charming - On top of Jinxy is a flight pad. Fly up and hit the target on the Kazooie statue with a beak bomb. Beak bust to land and go into the temple. Lay three eggs into the cup circling the basket. Climb the snake.
Sneeze - shoot an egg into each of Jinxy's nostrils from the two pillars. Go inside Jinxy and shoot eggs into each of the lion's mouths while standing on the carpets.
Puzzling - Press the switch on top of the pyramid. Go into the door and match the tiles in the amount of time provided.
Golden Rings - fly through the rings on top of the golden lion statues.
Race - Race to the top of the spiral pyramid, and jump into the top after hitting the switch. Use the running shoes.
Food for thought - Shoot eggs into all the mouths of the lion's heads which are sticking out of the circular cliff surrounded by a pool of water. Run through the maze, and jump into the coffin.
Camel - find Gobi, the camel, and break the rock he's chained to.
Water - find Gobi again, this time by the tree near the begining of the level. Stomp on his back.
Fast as a bullet - Grab the running shoes that you used to get up the spiral pyramid, and run to Slappa that hand and grab his jiggy.
Jinjos - One is in the moat. One is behind a pyramid. One is inside Jinxy. One is in a vase near the coffin inside the maze. The other is right behind the start pad.

5 - path up from oasis
6 - outside of sphinx (11)
8 - sand behind sphinx (19)
7 - inside sphinx (26)
4 - outside large pyramid/tomb (30)
9 - rim of pool (39) *
6 - in pool round pyramid (45) *
5 - opening in cliff (50)
11 - sand round mummified hand (61)
2 - near running shoes (63)
4 - outside "star" pyramid (67)
4 - inside "star" pyramid (71)
10 - outside "flower" pyramid (81)
4 - inside "flower" pyramid (85)
8 - inside "bird" pyramid (93)
7 - inside tomb (100)
(* easier to collect when the pool is full of water)

Extra lives
One's by the spiral temple.
One's behind Jinxy.

Extra Honey comb pieces
#1: Inside the cactus' circular head. You have to hit a switch to make it appear first.
#2: Find Gobi a third time (by a wooden door) and pound his back.

Witch Switch
The witch switch is in the maze. Use the jump pad circling the vase in Grunty's lair to reach the jiggy inside the newly opened casket.

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