You've collected all one hundred jiggies, and nine hundred notes, so let's go beat Gruntilda! But as I warned you before... you must have a good knowledge of the game in order for you to beat her.
Come Banjo, to meet your final doom. Fairy girl can't come with you; there simply isn't enough room. Now I'll be hosting the show you rat. Do well or else your sister will become fat.
You're on your own now Banjo... just go through that 765 note door and defeat my sister. Remember everything I've told you throughout the game...
Come now Banjo, just step on a squre. I've been ensured the result's won't be fair. When you press that A button you're sealing your doom. Let's look the covers on your tomb.

Banjo-Kazooie Quiz
This square has a picture of your ugly mug. Think very hard, if you get it wrong, you I'll slug. It asks about anything in the game. You'll get it wrong.. you're just that lame.

Visual Challenge
This block with an eye will see you dead. Get it wrong, I'll whump your head. See a close up picture, tell me where it's from. You'll get it wrong. You're just too very dumb.

Audio Challenge
A music note marks this square; it's so easy it isn't fair. Listen to one of your dumb friend's voice. See the options then make your choice. Get it wrong for me I beg. If you do I'll bite your leg.

Grunty Quiz
This is my favorite much by far. The square has my face, soon to be pretty like a star. My sis told you the answers, but you're much too stupid. It's a question about me, get it wrong I'll shoot you down like an evil cupid.

Skull Quiz
Hee hee, this skull engraved square stretches the wire. Get it wrong please, and you'll go into the fire. It's any category I choose. When I win, you'll most certainly lose. Take a plunge into the lake of burning. When you do with laughter I'll be turning.

Physical Challenge
Marked with a clock, this challenge you'll take. You'll go back to do something you've done, but with a twist I make. You may go back to the Treasure Trove. Spell Banjo-Kazooie backwards in the cove.

Joker Quiz
Hey! Who put these here? If I find them their butt I'll sear. Answer a question in any category, which you won't, and you'll get two Joker Cards, which I'll make sure you don't. With the cards you can skip my squares, by simply pressing B. You'll never get the chance though, you will see. With these if you're smart you'll skip my Skull Quizzes. But since you're not to the fire you'll make many visits.
So as you can clearly see, you'll never make it two squares towards me. If you do look at the map above. You'll find honey combs marks, which I certainly don't love. If you do somehow beat me, Tooty will be able to go free.

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