No! No! No! It seems you make a good foe. But soon your progress will be your sis's woe.
GO through the 450 note door and swim down into a tunnel on the left. In the next room, swim through a tunnel on the right. You now need to hop from ledge to ledge to reach the Mad Monster Mansion puzzle. Make your way back into the lava room, where you found Gobi Valley's puzzle. Go into the room a while, and into the tunnel that leads to a grave yard. In that are is the Mad Monster Mansion entrance.
Do you like to be scared? Because this house is a scream. In this ghostly world, things are not what they seem. So you'd better be brave to endure a such a scare, but I know you're as yellow as those goofy shorts you wear.
Napping - Climb to the top of the house and go down the chimney. Jump from chair to chair, making sure not to touch the floor. Now jump onto the table, and grab the jiggy.
Ouija - use the beak barge to go into the shed, jump on top of the glass, "surfing" along, spelling "BanjoKazooie," and each time you touch a Grunty block, you'll lose honey comb energy.
Barrels of Fun - Beak bust into the basement of the house (through the cellar doors to the side) and break open the barrels with eggs or a rat-a-tat-rap.
Seeds - lay an egg into each of the flower pots surrounding the church building. Thaaaaaaaaank you.
Well, well - Turn into a gord via Mumbo, and in you fruitatious form waddle into the well.
Pumpkin Climber - As a pumpkin, you must climb to the roof, using the thorn hedges as ramps. Once on the roof, go down one of the drains.
Steep Steeple - climb to church to the top of the steeple.
Organs - near the well, pound the clock switch (it looks like a blue circle on a grey square) and grab the running shoes. Run to the church and into the now open doors. Climb your way to the organ, and simply pound the key Motzand presses, the second after he does.
Toilet Capers - as Banjo, knock out all the windows in the house with a rat-a-tat-rap. As a pumpkin, make your way to the second floor, and jump into one of the windows. If you're not in a bathroom, go to the other side. Climb into the toilet's mouth, and make your way down the drain.
Jinjos - One is near the shock spring pad by the water pool. One's on the mansion roof. The orange one's in the hedge maze. Bash the barrels in the basement to find the pink jinjo. The last jinjo's in the master bedroom. You have to smash the top story windows in to get to it.

4 - outside house
8 - Napper's room (12)
3 - cul-de-sac (15)
4 - room with ouija board (19)
4 - roof of ouija board room (23)
4 - pool (27)
1 - chapel porch (28)
9 - chapel roof (37)
4 - clock tower (41)
8 - guttering (49)
13 - gable rooms (62)
4 - wine cellar (66)
2 - Mumbo's (68)
5 - rain butt (73) *
4 - large pond (77) *
7 - well (84) *
6 - maze (90) *
6 - organ in chapel (96)
4 - pews in chapel (100)
(* - collect these as pumpkin)

Extra lives
One's by the church.
One's in the light fixture in the mansion's first floor.

Extra Honey comb pieces
#1: Under the boards in a second story room. Use a pumpkin.
#2: Use the flight pad in the church to get the one in the rafters.

Witch Switch
The Witch Switch is also in the rafters in the church. Use the flight pad to get there. Repeat the Freezeezy peak flight pad drill, but this time, beak bomb the statue's glass eye, to get the jiggy behind it.

Valuable Tip
Destroy all the enemies when you enter Mad Monster Mansion so that you can wander around as the pumpkin unthreatened.

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