Good job Banjo! You kill bad witch! You got back little bear cub, now time to party. While we at it, Mumbo show you things you miss in game. Me show you pictures.
What do you mean Mr. Mumbo? We didn't miss anything. We got all 100 jiggies and all 900 notes.

Look. Here first secret. Is in beach. You miss beach secret.
Here next secret. Key in snow. In cave of beast. You no get key.
Here last secret. Is in desert. You go through door. Open dead man's house. You miss all three.

Well at least the witch is dead. How do we get these secrets?
You idiotic bear, I'm not dead. Up with your crap I am fed. You may have all the jiggies snatched, but in Banjo-Tooie I'll have my rematch. Rare says you can get the sercets in the Banjo-Tooie game. But no one knows how because you're all so lame. I may be under this boulder, but I'll soon go free. Oh my two sisters, will you come rescue me? To see how this all turns out you have to buy a second game. If you really need help, click the banner below all the same.

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