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Chamber Codes[Back to Top]
Find the Code Chamber in Mayahem Temple. It's the temple that Ssslumber is sleeping on. You can either open it with the Golden Goliath or Grenade Eggs. Enter the following codes by shooting eggs at the keypad on the wall.

Normal Cheats
Type "Cheat" before all these codes, with no spaces.
Super Banjo - Faster Banjo.
Super Baddy - Faster baddies.
Nest King - Infinate eggs and feathers.
Honey King - Infinate energy.
Jiggy Wiggy Special - All worlds open.
Homing - Inside blue ? egg. Eggs home in on baddies.
Play It Again Son - Fully opens reply mode.

Cheato Cheats
If you don't want to find the Cheato pages (See Here), then simply use these codes. Enter "Cheato" before all these codes.
Srehtaef - Doubles Maximum Feathers
Sgge - Doubles Maximum Eggs
Foorpllaf - No damage from falling
Kcabyenoh - Honey energy regenerates itself
Xobekuj - Activates Jolly's Jukebox

Cheato Codes[Back to Top]
This time around, Cheato has his page ripped out by Gruntilda. He wants you to find them! For every five pages you get a cheat. You can see the locations in the walkthrough. You have to activate these, too.

  1. For the first five pages, you get a code called Feathers to enter in the Code Chamber. It doubles your amount of feathers.
  2. After your second set of five pages you get Eggs which doubles your amount of eggs.
  3. After collecting a total of fifteen pages you get Fallproof which takes away no energy when you fall off a high place.
  4. For a total of twenty pages you get Honeyback. With this your energy recovers one at a time. So, it's safe to be the snowball with this cheat on.
  5. After your last five pages, you get Jukebox. This activates the Jukebox in Jolly's Inn. Now you can listen to all the music and sounds you've heard.
Gameshark Codes[Back to Top]

You need the Zelda keycode for these.

Infinite eggs upon pick up: 8111b0800063
Infinite red feathers upon pick up: 8111b0c80063
Infinte gold feathers upon pick up: 8111b0d40063

Other Codes[Back to Top]

Blue Egg
To get this mysterious egg you must know the "Grip-Grab" move taught in Mayahem Temple. Go to Spiral Mountain and get on a flight pad. Fly behind the waterfall that caused a lot of rumors. Go in, and grab onto the crack that's next to the waterfall. Grip grab to the cave behind the waterfall. Keep going until you get to the BK cart. Smash it and you'll have blue eggs and ham for breakfast.

Pink Egg
For this one you need to have the grenade eggs move taught in Isle o' Hags (Pine Grove). You could have the airborn egg aiming move too, but you don't need. Walk around Spriral Mountain until you see a little cage high up (above the logs). Break it with a grenade egg. Now fly up there to claim your prize.

Ice Key
You only need Grip-Grab for this secret. Go to the sandy part of Jinjo Village and start gripe garbbing on the little crack. Climb to the icy cave and keep walking until you find the BK cart. Break it and get the fabled ice key.

Heggy and the Yellow Egg
To find this fat chicken is a piece of cake, but obtaining the yellow egg requires the Split-Up move taught in Witchy World, the Hatch move taught in Terrydactyland, and the Bill Drill taught in Glitter Gulch Mine. To find Heggy you must be in Isle o' Hags (Wooded Hollow). Walk across from the entrance to Mayahem Temple to find a little path leading to a giant egg. Go inside and have Heggy hatch the blue egg and pink egg. In the pink egg contains a cheat that lets you have homing eggs. Just type in "Homing" in the code chamber in Mayahem Temple. In the blue egg contains a new move, Breegull Bash. Tap B twice to see Banjo bash Kazooie on the ground. Now for the yellow egg. Bill Drill the blue thing on the floor with a crack in it to uncover split pads. Switch to Kazooie and trot up to the yellow egg. Get on it and hatch it with the hatch ability. Once you hatch it you can use a Jinjo in multiplayer.

Mega Glowbo
For this legendary magical creature you need the ice key, the Talon Torpedo move taught in Jolly Roger's Lagoon, and have to have gotten to Glitter Gulch Mine. In Glitter Gulch Mine, near the entrance, is a little switch. Stomp the Rare boxes next to the rope and get the Running Shoes. Trot over to the switch and run on the water until you get to your destination. Now go underwater and use the Talon Torpedo move on the rock with Kazooie's head on it. Go through the tunnel and you'll arrive on the icy side of Hailfire Peaks. Yay! Go over to the safe and unlock it with the ice key. Inside you'll find the legendary Mega Glowbo. Now go to the Isle o' Hags (Pine Grove) and go in Humba's Wigwam. There, Humba will be impressed that you got the Mega Glowbo and allow you to transform Kazooie into a dragon. Everything's pretty much the same except when you press B, Kazooie destroys baddies with her fiery breath. Also, Kazooie has a deeper voice, except when you talk to people.

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