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The sequal to the award winning Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie is Rare's biggest platformer for the Nintendo 64 yet! With over 150 characters and an equal number of areas to explore, Banjo-Tooie will put at least 20 hours on the clock.
Banjo-Tooie was first announced in 1998, when you beat the Banjo-Kazooie game, Mumbo showed you some pictures of secrets, and a mystery called Stop 'N' Swop. Mumbo told you you'd have to get a second game called Banjo-Tooie to Stop 'N' Swop. So, people started to wonder what would become of this mystery.
The story line seemed obvious, and didn't have much change. We all knew Grunty would be rescued, although we dreamed that it would be via Klungo. However, Rare suprised us all, introducing two new witches, Grunty's sisters, who would rescue the hag, and Banjo's mission became one of revenge, to destroy the witch once and for all.
Banjo-Tooie was the most anticipated game by it's fans. Many people speculated how it would be, mainly because of Stop 'n' Swop. One of the biggest mysteries most people wondered, and still wonder even after it's release, what's to become of Tooty, for she was completely missing from the game.


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Two Years have Passed...

  Kazooie eyed her dwindling pile of coins dejectedly.
  "Deal the cards, bone face," the breegull trilled.
  "Mumbo play well, wins much of bear and bird's cash," the shaman grinned at Banjo.
  As the midnight storm raged outside, Banjo the bear nodded ruefully as he observed the varying fortunes of the players huddled around their card table. His breegull partner, Kazooie, was losing badly, Bottles the mole was about even, but it had been a good night for Mumbo Jumbo, who was shaking with excitement as he dealt the next hand.
  "S-Stop rocking the t-table, you're s-spilling our d-drinks!" Kazooie squawked accusingly at the shaman.
  "N-Not Mumbo, w-whole h-house s-shaking." Mumbo replied unsteadily.
  He was right. Banjo's house was shaking, but it quickly subsided as suddenly as it began.
  "I wonder what that was? Perhaps someone should go and take a look," blinked a nervous Bottles.
  The mole glanced around the table, hoping someone other than him would have to venture out into the cold, wet night and confront whatever might be out there. Things like this never happened when he was underground.
  "Mumbo much brave, me go look outside," declared the shaman confidently, striding towards the door and out into the howling storm.
  "C'mon Banjo, gimme a hand," Kazooie cackled as she began helping herself to Mumbo's winnings.

  The rain pattered down on Mumbo's bony head as he trudged up the path that led away from Banjo's house. Everything looked normal, the shaman thought, apart from those two figures hurrying towards the spot where Banjo's arch-enemy, Gruntilda the witch, had fallen and subsequently been buried two years before.
  "Witches!" Mumbo realised. "This not good, Mumbo go see what doing..."
  By the time the shaman had dashed over and concealed himself behind a suitable rock, the witches were standing in front of the boulder that covered Grunty's grave. Both of them were mumbling in a strange language, whilst the taller of the two held open a huge book. Mumbo watched, enthralled, as the huge boulder lifted into the air - and then vanished!
  "Witch magic good," the shaman murmured.
  "Gone the rock has, so out you can come!" crowed the shorter fat witch. All three stared towards the now open grave as the smoke cleared and a figure emerged. Standing there was Gruntilda the witch, but not the Grunty they all remembered. Her two years spent underground had taken their toll on her warty body, reducing her to just a skeleton! Grunty looked down at her new bony body in disgust.
  "Nice Grunty looks, lost weight you have," the thin witch grinned.
  "I hate bones, a body I need. Can you help me with this little deed?" Grunty glared at her sisters.
  "Yes, plan Mingella and Blobbelda has, so off to our castle we must go," the fat Blobbelda wheezed.
  Mumbo was horrified. Gruntilda restored to her former evil self? They couldn't let this happen. Banjo had to know immediately!
  "Arrgghh! Seen us, bony man has!" Mingella screeched, pointing a long bony finger in the fleeing shaman's direction.
  "Leave it to me, he's no hassle, I'll kick butt, then off to the castle!" cackled Grunty as she lumbered after him.

  A frantic Mumbo crashed through the front door, not even noticing that Kazooie had taken his winnings.
  "Grunty spell coming! Quick, must all run!" the shaman gasped breathlessly, pointing to the window as a strange bright light headed towards them.
  "He's right!" Banjo yelped "Everybody out!"
  From her vantage point, Grunty watched gleefully as her spell slammed into the side of Banjo's house, instantly reducing it to a pile of smoking rubble. Cackling maniacally, she hurried across to where her sisters were waiting inside their giant digging machine that they had used to tunnel their way to Spiral Mountain. She'd been promised that they'd perfected a device that was capable of sucking life force from the ground itself and any creatures that stood on it: once enough had been collected, they said it could be used to restore her former bloated body. Gruntilda couldn't wait to try out the device on some poor, unsuspecting, innocent little animals!
  Some time later, a very groggy Banjo sat up on the grass where he'd been thrown when the spell struck. Kazooie emerged from the safety of his backpack and watched in amusement as Mumbo rubbed his bruised skull gingerly.
  "Ooooh, Mumbo's head hurts." The shaman groaned.
  "Never mind that, look at our house!" squawked the Breegull, as she surveyed the smouldering wreckage.
  "Well, at least everyone got out safely..." sighed Banjo.
  Kazooie wasn't so sure. Someone seemed missing...
  "Hang on, where's Goggle Boy?" she trilled.
  Everyone turned to look at the house, as a blackened shape stumbled out from what remained of the doorway. Bottles wobbled and staggered towards his friends, but collapsed to the floor before he could reach them and lay still. Banjo and Mumbo rushed across to help the stricken mole.
  "Uh-huh, mole looks much unwell," Mumbo observed.
  "It's worse than that... Grunty's killed poor Bottles!" the bear gasped.
  "Grunty wreck house and kill mole, she will pay! Bear and bird must get after witch!"
  Kazooie screeched excitedly. It seemed such a long time since their last adventure. "C'mon Banjo, let's go!" Banjo sighed heavily as he started up the path away from the remains of his once-picturesque house.
  "I've a feeling it's not going to be as easy this time..."

Characters[Back to Top]
Banjo is a big brown bear who loves to help people, and his main concern is defeating the witch before she does more harm to others. He's on a mission to avenge Bottle's death, and nothing can stop him, not even three witches.
Kazooie's more agressive than ever. She just can't wait to jump out of Banjo's backpack and run around pecking enemies on her own. Her insults come more freely, and she's ready to tackle the toughest of situations.
Jamjars is Bottle's brother, who also happens to be a millitary drill instructor. Lucky for Banjo, Jamjars can teach he and Kazooie all the move they'll need to defeat the witch
Bottles is the victim of the unfortunate incident of Grunty's spell destroying Banjo's house. He's dead for most of the game, and Banjo's motivation for destroying the witch all over again.
Gruntilda isn't at all hesitant due to the fact she's now dead. As a skeleton, Gruntilda's beauty dream is set back a step: first she must get some skin, then she can work on her beauty. With her two sisters, Grunty's sure she can win.
Mingella and Blobbelda are Grunty's two witch sisters who initiate the whole adventure by coming to rescue Gruntilda in the first place.
Mumbo Jumbo's not about to sit around in a smelly hut this time. With his new skills and magical spells, if Banjo and Kazooie come to visit him, he'll glady jump out of his chair and run around with his zap stick.
Humba Wumba take's Mumbo's old role from Banjo-Kazooie. Visit her in her wigwam to be transformed into magical beasts, machines, or objects.
Master Jiggywiggy is the leader of the ancient order of the jiggish peoples. He replaces those jigsaw puzzles you had to fill in while playing Banjo-Kazooie. Simply visit him with several jiggies to open a new world.
Honey B is the self proclaimed Mistress of Honey. Find empty honey combs throughout the worlds, and bring them to her hive to increase your energy bar!
King Jingaling is the king of all things Jinjo. His main concern is the upcoming kickball tournament, but soon enough, Grunty's rage lashes out against him, making him little more than a zombie.
Klungo's back for more, this time as a miniboss. Klungo tries his best to make his revenge, but at no avail. Will Banjo and Kazooie ever be able to get through to him?

Worlds[Back to Top]
Spiral Mountain is Banjo and Kazooie's home, which was destroyed by the HAG 1, Grunty's two sister's digging machine.
Mayahem Temple is filled with exotic, jungle terrain and ancient temples filled with sharp objects. Treasure and many dangers lie within the rolling hills of Mayahem Temple.
Glitter Gulch Mine is Grunty's mines, filled with sparkling jewel and piles of crystal clear jems. A river flows through the dimmly lit caverns, and a maze of chambers and secret passages lace the mines.
Witchy World features fortune tellers and circus shows, dangerous rides, and disgusting park food. This ramshackled park is home to multitudes of inprisoned animals and disgruntled park imployees.
Jolly Rodger's Lagoon is a seaside town filled with pubs and pawn shops and even a jet ski rental shop. Dive into the giant lagoon outside and dive deep to explore the twisted masses of tunnels stretching far beneath the ocean.
Terrydactyland is home to breathtaking views of waterfalls, large swamps and plateos where dinosaurs roam once more. Up top the giant mountain lies a huge lagoon, feeding multiple rivers, forming beautiful waterfalls and caverns filled with treasures.
Grunty Industries is one dangerous factory. Magnets, fans, and acid filled tanks only highlight the larger dangers of the factory. Can Banjo survive the trash compactors and whirling blades?
Hailfire Peaks features two tropical islands, one an active volcano, the other, a icy wasteland. Banjo must explore both well, for beyond their rugged looks, treasure is hidden within.
Cloud Cuckooland lies high above the Isle o' Hags. Up in the sky, swarms of angry bees, lost ice cubes, hopeless safes, and a fitness fanatic await their next victim. With flowers that launch their riders sky high, mystical mice, and fantasy buildings made of food, Cloud Cuckooland features many dirorientating sites and attractions, laced with treasures.

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