Drill sargent Jamjars reporting f'duty, sir! When you walk out of your yard, Bottles of all things complains that his favorite clothes got dirty. That geeky little punk! March some more soldier and you'll find a boulder with your goldfish trapped under it. You are supposed to help people in this game, but now you can't help him. March some more out and you'll see that humpback Klungo guy retreat to a cave. Coward. Do not go in there, yet, soldier. Pick up some items to stock up. I will tell you what they all do when you pick one up.
Go up Spiral Mountain fly into Grunty's Old Lair and find a familiar face. That good-for-nothing Cheato is at it again. Why can't he just play the game the regular way?! Huh?! Well this time, he says that he gave you too many cheats in Banjo-Kazooie that Gruntilda ripped out most of his pages. Don't ask me how she did that when she was trapped under a boulder for two years and then didn't even go in her lair after she was rescued. Well, you have to find his pages, obviously. For every five pages you collect he'll give you a cheat. There is one page around Spiral Mountain. Find a shock jump disc and hold A on it to blast off. You'll find and alcove with a Cheato Page in it. One down, four more to go. Now, you're ready to go find that cave Klungo ran to.

Minion With A Mission

This guy is the weakest ever. If he were a soldier I would have him drop and give me fifty every day. Klungo uses one out of three potions. One of them makes him big, one makes him invisible, and one makes clones of himself. Either way you would still have to hit him only three times. If he's big it's easy. Just attack him as soon as that geek grows. If he's invisble, quickly attack him once he disappears. I have a much easier strategy when he becomes invisible but you can't do it now. If he makes clones, try and hit the real Klungo. After every time you hit him he'll protect himself with a shield and throw potion bottles at you. Talon Trot by holding Z and tapping the left C button. Keep holding Z and let go when you want to stop. If he hits you with a potion, you're gonna drop and give me fifty after this battle. Do this three more times and he'll faint. Your prize is not a Jiggy, it's just three honeycomb pieces... Klungo, being that idiot slave that he is, will run off to Grunty for beatings.

When you go through the other side of the tunnel you should end up on Jinjo Village. You'll see one of my Silos that lets you warp. But, not yet, Punk! You have to activate other Silos before you use it. No use going in any of the houses, for this is one barren village. You can go in a house if you want to hear where else to go. But I can tell you anyway, Punk! Go into that golden building, and put your controller down, because this is going to be a cutscene. Jingaling will tell you that the digger scared all of the Jinjos away. He'll also say that there's a kickball game between the Jinjos and the Moles in one week. Finally, he'll give you a Jiggy. Then, he talks about Master JiggyWiggy and the ancient order of the Crystal Jiggy. After all the talking, you'll automatically walk outside (the cutscene's still going on) You'll talk about his strange pet thingy. Meanwhile... Gruntilda and her cronies are coming up with a plot for this game. Apparently that dull witch is using B.O.B. (Big-O-Blaster) to suck up life so she can get her flesh back. They decide to suck up Jingaling's life. Lucky Punk! You just missed death. Afterwards, Grunty's life force will be one-third there. Grunty, being the idiot hag that she is, will decide to suck up all the life force in the whole island. Of course, she could've just killed two more people, but nooo, she had to do something that would take hours. Anyway, those idiot witches laugh stupidly thinking that you won't make it in time. Of course you will, punk! They didn't even start charging, because if they did a timer should've shown up. Idiots. Anyway, go inside my geeky brother's house and talk to his family. Be sure and talk to his son, Goggles to get the Amaze-O-Gaze Goggles. When you press the top C button, you can press the left or right C buttons to zoom in or out. Afterwards, go and talk to his other son, Speccy. He'll show you that Jingaling opened a door for you. Obviously, go through the door. Speccy said that was his secret way out... Don't ask me how nobody else noticed...

Anyway, you'll end up on the Isle O' Hags (Wooded Hollow) Master JiggyWiggy will tell you to enter his royal throne room. However, there is a disciple guarding the door. Show him your Jiggy and you'll enter. Go over to the puzzle to the side when the cutscene is finished and press B. You'll do a very easy puzzle that let's you enter the first world. When you finish, the first world, Mayahem Temple will be accessable. I, knowing this island better than you do, can tell you of a secret area in this throneroom. Walk behing the weirdo Jiggywiggy and walk through the curtain. I repeat, walk through the curtain. You will find three signs. Starting from the left, the first one says, "Have you looked ontop of the Red Jinjo house?" This means that there is a treble clef on top which is worth twenty notes. You need notes in order to learn moves from me, you know. However, you can't get that treble clef until you learn one of my moves in Mayahem Temple. The second sign says, "Witchy World is where fortune may smile upon you." If you bothered to read the signs in Jiggywiggy's temple you'd know a little about the meaning of this. However, you're not in Witchy World yet, are you? Nope. The last one says, "An egg container followed by Jingaling." Er... I'll explain this in Mayahem Temple. However, before you go, check out that tunnel next to JiggyWiggy's Temple. Go on the other end to get a Jinjo. Now, you can go to Mayahem TempleGo, soldier! March! Hup-2, 3, 4...

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