Drill sargent Jamjars reporting f'duty, sir!

Jiggy #1

Activate the warp pad and talk to the familiar looking bear. You'll learn that she is Boggy's wife...What's her name? Sheesh, did you forget you were in a video game? It's Mrs. Boggy! Anyway, she wants you to find all three of her children and bring them back to her. Soggy, Moggy, and Groggy are in random locations: Inferno, Star Spinner, Crazy Castle, Dodgems, Space Zone, Area 51, Train Station, and the Cave of Horrors. One will want some fries before he goes back. The other one is bad and you have to give him a spanking... Or one of my advanced abilities... The last and largest wants a burger, then you have to carry him back. Read after the second line to see how. Anyway, Jump on top of the ticket stand using a shock jump disc. Press the button and Big Al's burger's will show up. Go over to Area 51. Open it up by shooting a grenade egg at the gate. Go inside and turn right right away. Jump on the shock jump disc and get the musical notes up there. Jump down and go to the Big Top path. Follow it around to the left and you'll find Big Al. Get the burgers, by talking to him twice. Take your chances at Madame Grunty's fortune telling. If you're lucky, Fortune may smile upon you. Oh, what the heck... type GETJIGGY in the Code Chamber in Mayahem Temple to have Jiggywiggy's signs work. Go to the fry shop and press the button in the back to activate it. Get some fries there. Head to the Stockade Area and go over to the Cactus of Strength. Use a Beak Buster (tap Z while in the air...) on the switch. Then a Bill Drill, then shoot it with a grenade egg. Climb up there and get the Jiggy.

Jiggy #2

Do a Back Flap on the right door. Jump over to the right and grip grab your way to a Jinjo. Make sure you open all the doors for some notes. Go through the door and shoot the grate on the other side with a grenade egg. Grab the Extra Honey Comb Peice. Leave this place... demon, demon! Anywho, Back Flap up to the left door and go over to Wumba's Wigwam. Activate the Warp Pad and get the Glowbo. Go inside and transform into the Van. With this you can honk at all the Van doors to make them open. You will also be invincible! Enter to the door near Wumba's Wigwam to go to the bottom. Go to the Big Top and make a left, then enter the Inferno. Give some coins to the money box to open the door. Since you're the van, the jawed door won't hurt you now, but it will soon enough... Mwahahahah*cough* Uhh... Oh, right. Once inside, go over to the left and grab the Cheato Page behind the Van Door. Being the indestructable van, you can go on lava without melting, burning, dying, or losing honeycombs. Go over to Mumbo's Diabolical Skull and activate the Warp Pad. Get out of that hellish place and take a right at the Big Top. March onward to the Space Zone. Step on the warp pad and enter the Van Door underneath the Saucer of Peril sign. You will be rewarded with a Treble Clef. Now go over to the entrance of Area 51. Honk your horn at the Van Door and get that Jinjo! Transform back into the duo and go over to the side of the Big Top. Learn how to Split Up. Trot up the ropes to find a Jinjo with vertigo. Go back to te Inferno area and climb up the Dive of Death. Once past the 84 rungs, try another obstacle: Walking across a narrow board on the way to a Jiggy. Once you have it, jump off. I can't be held responsible if you don't hit the water tank.

Jiggy #3

Go through the purple cave and watch out for the teeth on the railings; they will hurt you if you touch them. Continue walking and go through the first passageway. Inside is a prison cell, more or less. There's Gobi the camel, the one you met in Banjo-Kazooie, a dinosaur, and a Jinjo. To free all of them, simply shoot the locks with grenade eggs. Gobi will run back to the Lava World, the Jinjo will go home when you touch it, but the dinosaur will stay there until the train comes. Now leave this prison and go to the other passage, but take those eggs at the dead end first. Use my Grip Grab move to the left of the lantern to get a Cheato Page. Now get back on the ledge with a Grip Grabbing position. Move over to the left until you're right above the entrance. Tap Z to get off the ledge and leave the Haunted Cavern. Walk past the Inferno entrance to the green-lit cave. This should leave you to the train station. When you enter that weird witch will tell you that if you leave, all your food will be gone. But that doesn't matter, because Big Al will always give you more. You can talk to Old King Coal by looking at the sign. The train is stuck in Glitter Gulch Mine, and as usual, you have to fix it. Go to the upright coffin in the corner and back flap to the ledge to the left. Shimmy your way across, and watch out for the wall monsters lurking in the shadows. In the alcove at the end of the ledge, press the button, and the train will come. Now the dinosaur you saw in the prison cell will come, but it will stay there until the train goes to Terrydactyland. But you're not there yet, are you? Are you?! That's what I thought. Now leave the train station and get to the Inferno. Split up, and press A to switch to Kazooie. Go to the ramp along the pillar in the middle and slip on the Turbo Trainers before you go. Weird fireballs will try to stop you from getting to the top. When they're close, stop running until they're right next to you, then jump! You can jump over them while running, but it's harder to get the timing precise. Once you get to the top use the Jumping Pad to Get to the top and nab your Jiggy.

Jiggy #4


Jiggy #7

Beat her again and you'll get a Cheato Page. Go back to the tracks to rescue that Jinjo you saw. Head over to the Crusher Shed and go through the doorway you opened earlier with the Detonator. Anyway, in there is the Flooded Caves. It will be completely flooded, so you won't get any breath. I suggest you help the goldfish before you do this. See a little below... Anyway, go through the tunnel to get a Jiggy.

Jiggy #8

Go back inside the Train Station and open the crate for an Extra Honey Comb Peice. Go inside the train and step on the Go Pad. Jump in the boiler for a chance at controlling Chuffy the train.

Old King Coal
Grubby Boiler Monarch

Jump on to the highest platform and ambush him with grenade eggs. First, he loses an arm. Secondly, he loses another arm. Thirdly, he gets chopped in half. Lastly, he explodes with a Jiggy with his remains.

Jiggy #9

Head back to Mayahem Temple and Bill Drill the boulder in Dilberta's cell. Go through the doorway and the Prospector will give you a Jiggy

If this is your first time to this level, do what it says after the first line. If not, do what it says after the second line.

Go into Honey B's hive for another energy unit. Leave and Bill Drill the boulder near a silo for a Jinjo. March back to Spiral Mountain and go to the goldfish under a boulder you saw earlier. Bill Drill the rock and go over to the lake to toss him in there. You'll get more bubbles and a new move. You can now swim faster by holding both A and B. While you're here, go up to Grunty's Old Lair and give Cheato his precious pages. You'll get the FEATHERS code. Go over to the Code Chamber in Mayahem Temple and put in FEATHERS. Go over to the paper on the side of the wall to activate it. That's what you do with all codes, so I'm not going to say that anymore. By the way, you can now dow Jiggy #10 for Mayahem Temple. When you're done with that, head on over to WitchyWorld. Go, soldier! March! Hup-2, 3, 4...

Jiggy #10

Warp to the Crushing Shed, smash the nearby crate and use the Springy Step Shoes (taught in Terrydactyland) to jump up into the waterfall. In there you are free to take the Jiggy

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