Use the menu to navigate Banjo-Kazooie Land easily. This is a description of what's on the menu:

Click on any banner to go to that topic's homepage.

Click the Information link to go directly to that topic's information page.

Screen Shots
Click the Screen Shots link to go directly to that topic's screen shots page, where you can see actual pictures taken while playing the game.

Game Help
Click the Game Help link to go directly to that topic's game help index page. On the game help index page, you can find codes, cheats, tips, secrets, and a link to a complete walkthrough.

Click the Cameos link in any topic to see appearances of other video game characters in the Banjo series, or to see where Banjo and Kazooie appeared in other video games.

Stop 'n' Swop
Click the Stop 'n' Swop link in the Banjo-Tooie section to go to the Stop 'n' Swop information page where you can find updated information on the Stop 'n' Swop secrets and how to get them.

See the Interactive Help Column for help with the Interactive and Misc. sections.

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