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Join our one of a kind BKLand AOL chatroom club. Submit your request to join the BKLand AOL chatroom club today by clicking the link below and sending us your AOL screen name, Email address, and age. Everytime you and one of our staff members are online at the same time, you will recieve a invitation to join the current chat room.

Welcome to our JAVA Chat Room! We're pleased to offer this service to you, however to make sure the chat room is an enjoyable place for everyone, we have some rules that must be followed. Failure to abide by these rules will result in you being banned.
  1. Do not curse. Remember, young children are playing BK and BT so keep the language appropriate. Don't use substitutes or use the @#$%^&* keys.
  2. Do not flood. Flooding is when you reply to yourself many, many times in a row.
  3. Do not Spam. Spam is Self Promotal Advertisement Marketing. This means that you can't advertise your site except in your exit scripts.
  4. Do not use scripts, except for an exit script. Scripts are as annoying as heck.
  5. Do not use other people's screen names.
  6. Everyone's welcome here. No slander or tearing down others.
  7. Keep the conversation clean.
  8. Guys, just have fun, but use common sense, okay?
If you have any questions about JAVA commands, feel free to ask us. We also recomend that you use a program called mIRC instead of the JAVA chat. Download mIRC here and join channel #BKLand.
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