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Recent Updates:


The Creation

On August 13, 1999, I have let the site be known on the internet. I was happy that I made a website. Many things have happened here, and some were pretty interesting. I have told my classmates at school, and they thought it was cool. I was the only one who made a website. Well, let's see what happened here at Banjo-Kazooie Land!!! The title is italicized! Yay!

The Message Board

Ok, I made a Message board... Yay!


BIG also owns a BK site. I met him by getting an award from him, or I gave him an award...Oh, well, one or the other. Well, anyway, he liked the "Banjo Guh hut!" sound I had. He wanted it on his site, but it wasn't working. He told me about it, and wanted me to put it on. Since it wasn't copyrighted by me, I said I would. He gave me the password, and I put it on. I asked to be a staff member since I had the password, and he said yes. Then he asked to be a staff member on BKL. I let him be one. BIG was my first staff member.

Banjo Pat

You must have seen what Banjo Pat did to Yumblie's board. I was arguing with him until he said something about working at Banjo-Kazooie Back Route (the name of BIG's site) I saw an update at Banjo-Kazooie Back Route that said something about a new staff member named Pat. I asked BIG for his aim sn just to say hi. He gave it to me, and I IMed him, and said I was Stanjo. He freaked when I said that for some reason. He asked to work at my site, and I let him. BIG didn't like it that. The Update War began.

Banjo Pat vs. BIG in The Update War

BP and BIG got in an update war at BKL. BIG updates, but BP updates after deleting BIG's. This war went on for...umm not very long. Who won? Banjo Pat. BIG surrenedered, and quit.

Banjo Pat vs. BKGP in The Message Board War

Well, the very few regulars at my board may have witnessed this: Banjo Pat had some problems with a guy named "B*nj*-K*z**** G*m* Pl*y*r"(*s are for security reasons). Banjo Pat tried to ban him, but BKGP, being a hacker, banned Banjo Pat instead, and we still can't un-ban him, and BKGP is gone...

Banjo, Ojnab, and that freak, Spanjo

I met BanjoOjnab in YBK's message board. Under a topic called "AIM," I got his screen name and we became friends. While I was building JSPN Super Forums, I was talking to BanjoOjnab, and I told him I was busy. He insisted that I let him help me, and so, we built JSPN together, and he became the "newest janitor, err, staff member here at Banjo- Kazooie Land." BanjoOjnab is his familiar screen name, but he breaks into 3 people: Banjo, Ojnab, and a spanish speaking dude: Spanjo.

The Regathering, SubMatter, and the New Site

We started working on a new BKL, and TLONMASTER designed a new layout for us. Banjo Pat wasn't updating so we thought he had left staff. After working on the new BKL for a while, BanjoOjnab and I decided it looked too much like YBK, so we designed a new layout, this one. Sometime durring that period BanjoOjnab changed his name to SubMatter, but don't think that Spanjo's gone too... BIG came back, and Banjo Pat said he'd update the new site, so we opened the new BKL on October 1, 2001 with four staffers.

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