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Recent Updates:
"I like coconuts!"

Tuesday, July 30

Hey, hey! Today is another real update! Yay! C'mon, you can do a better cheer than that! Huzzah! Ah, close enough. Anyway, you might be wondering what I updated. Ahh, I might know what I updated... Tell ya what, I'll tell you if you bark like a dog. Hey! We're you going?! All right, whatever. Anyway, if you knew what it was that I updated, you would beg to see it, but I'll tell you anyway... It's Musical Note Locations for Banjo-Kazooie! Just like in the old site. Anyway, if you bothered to look at the new cool flash counter at the bottom of the screen, you might notice that the site has a considerably low amount of hits. That's because I just added it two days ago, and it began with 0! Of course, you should know that, but you obviously didn't, or else you wouldn't have read it! Until next time, BKLanders!


Sunday, July 28

Two updates in one day?! Amazing. Anyway, take a look down at the bottom of the screen. You should notice that the crazy counter was replaced by a cool flash animated counter! If you don't have flash it will just be in text...

You obviously have natural talent, Spanjo, I don't know how you managed to make such a creative update! Today is your lucky day, BKLanders! Today is a real update! Hurray! If you went to BKLand before this new site, then you should remember that I said I didn't want the site to be released until everything was complete, including the BT walkthrough. Though, later, SubMatter and I got impatient and thus the New BKland was released. Taking the easy way out, we put in a link to GameFAQs. When we put the GameFAQs link up, I stopped working on my BT Walkthrough, knowing that we sort of already had one. It wasn't til a while ago, (OK, that is a long time after this new BKLand was released, but keep in mind I wasn't thinking about the BT walkthrough every day) when I said, "What the heck was I doing?!" And so, today, when I got a chance to update, I give you... THE BT WALKTHROUGH!! Hosted by Jamjars, you can expect wisecracks from him in every paragragh. True, I only got up to Glitter Gulch Mine, but I'm working on Witchy World. You can't rush creativity!


Saturday, July 20

Aye! Vamos a ser "Crazy Mexican Hat Dance Land!"


Wednesday, July 3

Avast thar, vigilant viewers! In case you missed E3, there was no new Banjo information! That's quite ironic, considering almost the whole month of May led up to E3. Anyway, I'm working on a fanfiction part for this site. Apart from working on the fanfiction page, I also have to make a story, so it may take a while. Yarr... I've nothing more to say in this update.


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