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Recent Updates:
Famous Last Words: "Don't unplug it, it will only take a moment to fix"

Sunday, October 28th

All you people should be happy; the site's just undergone a couple of visual improvements. Yay. Take a minute to vote:

Should the site have?:


Saturday, October 27th

Ahoy! I'm Stanjo, here to tell you about DST. That's Daylight Saving Time! The first day is tomorrow, by the way. All you have to do is set your clock back one hour! It's as though you've gone back in time! But... not.

- Stanjo

You guessed it!

-BKLand Top Ten!-

Top 10 Questions People Ask When Buying an Umbrella

10. "What kind of trade-in can I get on my old umbrella?"
9. "Can you give me references from satisfied customers?"
8. "Do you carry those smart-looking umbrella hats?"
7. "How long until I accidentally leave it in a cab?"
6. "Is it all right if I take one home and try it in the shower?"
5. "Do you offer umbrella lessons?"
4. "Can you tell me about your anti-umbrella-theft options?"
3. "Is it waterproof?"
2. "Do you have a restroom?"
1. "Do you mind if I pretend to shop for umbrellas until it stops raining?"

In other news, Bottles Breaks Glasses; "Bound to Happen," Experts Say. Full Story. Perhaps you'd rather play some Black Jack?


Tuesday, October 23rd

Due to a few technical difficulties, the BKLand Survivor site will be launched a couple of weeks late. Don't worry... it'll be worth the wait...


Wednesday, October 17th

A look into the famous quote book of SubMatter:

-"How do they get the deer to cross at the yellow road sign?"

-"I've never had major knee surgery on any other part of my body."

-"The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheeze."

-"Eagles may soar, but weasels are never sucked into jet engines."


Monday, October 15th

Well, it's time for the next

-BKLand Top Ten!-

Top 10 Questions Asked At A 99 Cents Store

10. What does this cost?
9. Does this Tampa Bay Devil Rays sweatshirt come in Medium?
8. How much is this "Best of Backstreet Boys" album?
7. Did this place used to be a White Castle?
6. What does this cost?
5. Is that Stanjo?
4. Can someone go to the store and get more pennies?
3. Do you have anything for 98 cents?
2. Let me get this straight- everything here is 99 cents?
1. How much is this?

And in other news, Anthrax was found in a letter sent to NBC offices; don't worry, they've got pills for it now. I've learned the form HTML, so I'm fixing up some areas of the site with that.


Saturday, October 13th

BKLand Survivor's coming along great, and it should make it's October 18th premire date. So far we've only got two people in the Survivor Pick'ems League. See Thursday's update for how to join.


Thursday, October 11th

If you wanna join the Survivor pick'ems league, don't bother sending me the email. Just click here and register a team, if you already haven't. Then click "Join Private Group" and enter the following information:

ID#: 5907
Password: humbajumbo

Okay, guys, in the Survivor hype, I'm putting up a new BKLand special: (thanks to Schmitty for the idea) BK Survivor!


Wednesday, October 10th

Yahoo! Survivor 3 begins tomorrow, and we've got a Survivor Pick'ems League! Wanna join? Find out all about it Here!


Monday, October 8th

America's campain against Afghanistan continues today, and another case of anthrax broke out in Florida, which authorities think may have been terrorism. There's no new Grunty's Revenge info, and BKLand want's to know what features/ interactive things you wanna see on the site, so tell us.


Sunday, October 7th (8:45 AM EST)

We've a new online game, thanks to BLUURG and Nipper, also, we've added a new link, RipperBoy's BK. If you haven't noticed, the classic BKLand contest is back, and you can join our AOL Chat Room Club. Be sure to check that little grey box under the menu for recent updates.
Anyway... lookie what I got:
It's the TLONIAIRE singles champ award! Yay!
Signing out:


That stick man dance is funny, no? Today, America has bombed Kabul, Afghanistan's Capital City. Take that! Brittain helped a bit, too. Anyway, we finally have a Gamecube midi! Hoorah! It is from Super Smach Bros Melee. It's called Mute City. Must be from F-Zero.


Saturday, October 6th (8:45 AM EST)

I'm designing a picture archive, so that'll be done somewhat soon, but for now: Stick Man Dance!


Monday, October 1st (5:07 PM EST)

Well, it's been a long wait, but it's finally here. It was well worth it, too. Here on the new and improved BKLand you can see many new things. For most of the old things, you'll see they were revised to fit in with the new BKLand theme. You can see that we have a BK walkthrough, a JukeBKox, and so much more. So, why don't you explore it, for old time's sake?


We are finally open, how ironic, the day that YBK closed for good. We've made a technically enhanced and multimedia rich site, so have fun exploring around. We've tried to test every area of the site, but I'm sure we've missed something, so if you find anything not up to your standards, please contact us. Moo.


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