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The Many Uses of Bottle Caps

Sure, bottle caps are used to keep your drink from becoming flat, but did you know it's more than that? Of course you didn't. If you did, then what the heck are you doing here?! Get out! Out!

Note: Please make sure it's the plastic kind of bottle caps for all of these activities. They work better than the metal kind.

Flicking a bottle cap... the professional way

Hold the bottle cap between your middle finger and your thumb, as you would do, when you're flicking anything. Just make sure you're holding it. Then flick! Make sure the open side is to the left. I don't know why, I think it goes farther that way. Throw it as you flick it, so more momentum is applied to the flying bottle cap. Try and get in a contest to see who can throw a bottle cap the farthest. When your adversary weakly throws it, secretly flick it as you throw. You should win a lot of contests that way.

The bottle cap cup

If you're afraid of germs, (cooties) your friend has a cold, or if you're just plain old superstitious, this is the way to go. Pour the drink from the bottle into the cap. Be sure you're pouring out the opposite side of the place where your friend drank from. Drink when ready.

Note: I am not held responsible for sickness from doing this activity.

Bottle Cap Tower

If you're really really bored, this is the way to go. (I keep saying that for some reason) Take a bottle cap, and place it face up. Put another bottle cap on top of it face down. Repeat.

If you have any other uses of bottle caps, e-mail me!

An utterly weird update by Stanjo (Who else?)

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