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Bottles Breaks Glasses; "Was Bound to Happen," Experts Say

          Early this morning a tragic sequence of horrific events lead to what experts are calling a highly predictable outcome. This morning, a 8:53 AM, Bottles Mole, of Jinjo Village, IOH, tripped over a stool and shattered the lenses on his glasses, after running through the room with a pair of scissors.
          "I'm surprised it didn't happen earlier," comments Mrs. Bottles, "He's just so clumbsy." Experts agree that even if the glasses are thick enough to see people waving on a map, glasses and a clumbsy mole just don't mix. BKLNews was fortunate enough to catch up with the mole for an interview. We asked him a little about what lied ahead in the future. All Bottles had to say was "I gotta get some new glasses so that I can see again." That's sound adivce.
          So, whats the moral of the story? Don't run with scissors, strange things can happen, even those things that are predictable, like poor Bottles' shattered glasses. Now, go back to your regular BKLand browsing.

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