Many of you may know SubMatter as Banjo, Ojnab, or BanjoOjnab. He's had a little bit of a name change, obviously, and primarily keeps the site technologically updated. He does't update with new information as much as Stanjo, but if you have technical problems with the site, he's the one to go to.

I started online late 1999, at a small site called Banjo's Pad. Banjo's Pad was a great quality site, but the webmaster never updated, so I followed one of his links to Yumblie's Banjo-Kazooie, because of which I started getting online more often. I found Yumblie's Forums about August that year, right in the middle of the Banjo-Tooie hype. I still remember those days back at Yumblie's Forums as the good old days. There was a topic there, "AIM," and all the members, (very few compared to today) gave their AIM, and one day, I got an instant message from Rayman352. He told me he was Stanjo from Yumblie's board, and we became online friends. One day, when Stanjo seemed very busy, I asked if I could help in anyway. He then allowed me to help create JSPN Super Forums, our second failed attempt at making an Ezboard. Because of this, I became a staff member at the old BKLand, and my screenname was BanjoOjnab. I knew very little HTML, but somehow I picked it up and currently am very well with it. Stanjo and I decided then to make a new BKLand, to modify the site. We had one failed attempt, for our site seemed to always look like YBK (formerly Yumblie's Banjo-Kazooie). Stanjo also hired about 5 staff members, none of whom would update. We begged BIG to come back, and Banjo-Pat to update, however BIG refused, and Banjo-Pat updated, more so than I. One day, though, while making this new BKLand, we got a suprise. BIG had desided to join the team, and he eventually produce our beautiful banner. And that brings us to today. I got bored with BanjoOjnab, and with the help of Multiment and TLONMASTER, two of my online friends, I got a more universal name, SubMatter.

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AIM: SubMatter
mIRC: SubMatter
EzBoard: SubMatter

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