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Recent Updates:

Message Board

BKLand now supports a whole new message board for your enjoyment. This board is more organized than our first two attemps, so we've developed a little set of rules for you. Do not to break them or you'll be banned. Mwahahaha! Cough, er just look at the rules, ok?

  1. Do not curse. Remember, young children are playing BK and BT so keep the language appropriate. Don't use substitutes or use the @#$%^&* keys.
  2. Do not flood. Flooding is when you reply to yourself. Do not to reply to yourself at all. If you must add something to your post, use the edit button.
  3. Do not Spam. Spam is Self Promotal Advertisement Marketing. This means that you can't advertise your site except in your signatures and in the Recycling Bin.
  4. Do not put your whole site in your signature! It takes up a lot of space and would take longer for the page to load. Keep the sigs small, and no big iframes. We'll edit out long signatures.
  5. Do not reply to old topics. They are outdated, and we don't need to rehearse old subjects.
  6. Remember, these boards are about the Banjo series. If you want to say something irrelevent go to the Misc. Board.
  7. Guys, just have fun, but use common sense, okay?

That's about it, except you should remember that this is an Ezboard. You need to register before you can post. There are links within the board to register. We recommend a global account, so you can post at any Ezboard, but if you must have a name that's already taken, register a local account.

Don't use AOL's browser. You may accidentally get banned by the Ezboard system. We recomend Internet Explorer or Netscape.

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