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Recent Updates:


Are you tired of the same ol' internet surfing and looking for something that's actually fun to do online? Well search no further as you explore our expansive Interactive Area, complete with the our very own online arcade!

Enter the current BKLand contest, and aim to be a winner!
It's our fan-mail room, where your letters get read and replied to.
Chat Room
Join our very own AOL Chatroom Club, or talk live to all your friends at BKLand in our offical Java Chat Room, or tune into channel #bkland on mIRC!
Leave a post or two and chat with all your buddies at the BKLand message boards!
Online Arcade
Bored with nothing to do? Stop by our Online Arcade and play a couple video games. You can even submit one of your creations, and if it's good, it'll be added to our library.

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